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We here at the Undisputed Wrestling Alliance take great pride in what we have created. The U.W.A. is inspired by two great organizations that created, established and revolutionized Sports Entertainment. As a subdivided organization, with Jeff Murrey managing the World Wrestling Federation and Vince McMahon managing the United States Wrestling Association all under the brilliant Chairmanship of Mickey Mouse Junior; the mission of the U.W.A.'s second coming is to revive the long-lost passion for wrestling that had disappeared upon the U.W.A.'s first closure. This time Mickey Mouse Junior will not close shop until the mission has been accomplished!!! Let's take a glimpse at the history of the two organizations that set the standards .. shall we ?


The creator of Sports - Entertainment, and the original "King" Organization mainly from 1990 throughout 1996 .

Created and Owned by Jeff Murrey.

Established Careers and Legacies of such stars as :
Jesse "The Body" Ventura (15 Time Champion)
Arn Anderson
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Krusader Batman
and Undertaker

Lasted as Number One in ratings against
Extreme Championship Wrestling throughout
all of 1996.


The innovator, and revolutionizing force in Sports Entertainment. The "King"
of this industry from 1997 throughout 2002.

Recreated and Owned mainly by Mickey Mouse Junior.

Established Careers and Legacies of such stars as :
"Badass", "Almighty King" Slammu (21 Time Champion)
"Y2C", "Kirk Angel", "The Crock" Woody The Third
Woody Junior
Stone Cold Blaster
"Heartbreak Punk" Shaun Michaels
"Cool" Johnny Quest
and Soultaker

Lasted as Number One in ratings against
Extreme Championship Wrestling, Extreme Wrestling Federation,
Shane Murphy Wrestling, Xtreme Wrestling Federation,
Xtreme Pro Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation,
World Championship Wrestling, National Wrestling Association,
American Wrestling Alliance, Bad Ass Wrestling Association,
Championship Wrestling Alliance, Ultimate Championship Wrestling, and the
Ultimate Championship Wrestling Federation throughout September of 2002!!

The Second Coming is HERE!!

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Update (8/3/09): Due to the combination of the economy's toll on business in the UWA as it pertains to handling the compensation for the maintenance performed on this site and some technical difficulties, a number of pages will be temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Are You Ready?

On May 9th-10th, 2008, the world witnessed the single most watched wrestling extravaganza of all time that marked the official dusk of an old age in sports entertainment. As of Independence Day 2008, a new day has dawned; bringing about the next tidal wave of innovative entertainment!! Brace yourself for a wild ride...

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