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Events and Rosters of the PWI

The Cabinet

Chair of the Board:
Jeff Murrey

Co- Vice Chair of the Board / Commissioner of Asylum:
24% Shareholder, Mickey Marcus Mouse Junior

Co-Vice Chair of the Board / Commissioner of Legends:
24% Shareholder, Catherine Louise Mouse 

Co-Vice Chair of the Board / Commissioner of Showcase:
24% Proxy Shareholder, Harry Puddphucker

Chief Executive Officer:
Richard Dredd Venom

Howard Knuckles

Vice President:

Athlete Treatment Supervisor:
Vinnie Mouse

Secretary of Employment Control:
Woody Woodstrum III

Secretary of Match Booking:
Jim Ross

Secretary of Arena Booking:
Sergeant Wilford Bilko

Secretary of Quality Control:
Leonard Nimoy Mouse

Secretary of Magazine Publishment:
Lawrence Mason

Broadcast Team:
Ric Venom, Jim Ross

Ring Announcer:
Michael Buffer

Ascendants Commissioner:
Slammu Crawford

Earl Hebner (Senior Official), Brutus White, Road Dogg,

John Stamboli, Lance Storm, Stephanie McMahon

Security Detail:
Chief of Security = Billy Lee, "The Emperor" Stan Whiley, E-Crew

Medic = Little Daddy Cool, Donald Duck J.R.

Talent Rosters

(AM = Asylum Superstar, LS = Legends Superstar)

(Tier One [T1] = Main Event Scene)

(Tier Two [T2] = Mid-card Status)

(Tier Three [T3] = Ascendant Class)

[Tier Designation] {Rank}

Top 20 Ranks for Division (Singles by Gender) Listed (UR = Unranked) 

Updates on ranks to occur once a week (Starting by August 1st, 2020)

Dragonfly (AM) [T1] {1}

Teo (LS) [T1] {PWI Champion}

Mike O'Malley (LS) [T2] {UR}

Ariel (AS) [T1] {8} 

Living Dead Girl (LS) [T1] {1}

Robby Storm (LS) [T1] {6}

Angelina Love (LS) [T1] {3}

Amazon (AM) [T1] {14}

Rhyno (LS) [T1] {2}

Victoria (LS) [T1] {4}

Michelle McCool (LS) [T1] {12}

Maria (AM) [T1] {9}

Molly Holly (AM) [T2] {19}

Layla (LS) [T1] {15}

Ivory (AM) [T2] {17}

Johnny Morrison (LS) [T1] {Tag Champion}

Dolph Ziggler (LS) [T2] {UR} 

FRED (AM) [T1] {3}

Slammer (LS) [T1] {8}

Cesaro (AM) [T2] {UR} 

Braun Strowman (AM) [T1] {9} 

Petey Williams (LS) [T1] {14}

Christopher Daniels (AM) [T3] {UR}

The Miz (LS) [T1] {Tag Champion}

Brandon Lee (LS) [T1] {7}

Rob Van Dam (LS) [T2] {UR}

Jeff Hardy (LS) [T1] {15}

Mr. Kennedy (LS) [T2] {UR}

Matt Hardy (LS) [T2] {UR}

Randy Savage (LS) [T1] {UR}

Diamond Dallas Page (AM) [T3] {UR}

Rezar (LS) [T2] {UR}

Akam (LS) [T2] {UR}

Chad Gable (AM) [T2] {UR}

Jason Jordan (AM) [T2] {UR}

Erik (AM) [T2] {UR}

Ivar (AM) [T2] {UR}

Scott Nash (AM) [T1] {4}

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (AM) [T3] {UR}

The Scarecrow (AM) [T1] {11}

Jeff Jarrett (LS) [T3] {UR}

Mr. Perfect (AM) [T3] {UR}

Kurt Angle (AM) [T3] {UR}

Scorpion (LS) [T3] {UR}

Bossman (AM) [T2] {UR}

Mark Henry (AM) [T1] {18}

Test (LS) [T2] {UR}

Chavo Guerrero (AM) [T1] {UR}

Eddie Guerrero (AM) [T1] {UR}

Doink the Clown (LS) [T3] {UR}

X Pac (AM) [T3] {UR}

Chaz (AM) [T3] {UR}

Tiny (AM) [T3] {UR}

T. Page (LS) [T1] {UR}

B-RAD (LS) [T1] {UR}

The Guy (Nowhere) [?]

Drake Nash (AM) [T2] {UR}

Mr. Clean (AM) [T2] {UR}

Abyss (AM) [T2] {16}

Kurgan (AM) [T2] {UR}

Triple H (LS) [T2] {UR}

Alexa Bliss (AM) [T1] {2}

Brock Lesnar (LS) [T1] {12}

Paige (AM) [T1] {Immunity Champion}

Carmella (AM) [T2] {16}

Samoa Joe (LS) [T2] {19}

Kevin Owens (LS) [T1] {UR}

Jon Moxley (LS) [T1] {10}

Asuka (LS) [T1] {Women's Champion}

Sonya Deville (LS) [T3] {UR}

Gail Kim (LS) [T1] {5}

Ruby Riott (LS) [T1] {10}

Aleister Black (LS) [T1] {Immunity Champion}

Mandy Rose (LS) [T1] {11}

Emma (AM) [T1] {7}

Sarah Logan (LS) [T3] {UR}

Baron Corbin (AM) [T2] {UR}

Peyton Royce (AM) [T2] {UR}

Billie Kaye (AM) [T2] {UR}

Zelina Vega (LS) [T1] {13}

Zevon Heaven (AM) [T2] {UR}

Bray Wyatt (AM) [T1] {5}

Shinsuke Nakamura (AM) [T3] {UR}

Britt Baker (AM) [T2] {UR}

Madyson Rayne (AM) [T2] {UR}

Matt Taven (AM) [T3] {UR}

Allie (LS) [T1] {6}

Marty Scurll (LS) [T1] {13}

Drew McIntyre (LS) [T1] {17}

Thundra (LS) [T2] {Tag Champion}

Starfire (LS) [T2] {Tag Champion}

Tessa Blanchard (LS) [T2] {18}

Daisy Buffer (LS) [T2] {UR}

Mockingbird (AM) [T2] {UR}

Sharon Carter (AM) [T2] {UR}

Taya Valkyrie (AM) [T2] {UR}

Amber Gallows (LS) [T1] {UR}

Velvet Sky (LS) [T1] {UR}

Ivelisse (AM) [T1] {20}

Andrade (LS) [T3] {UR}

Becky Lynch (LS) [T1] {UR}

Kelly Kelly (LS) [T2] {UR}

Torrie Wilson (LS) [T2] {UR}

Elias (LS) [T3] {UR}

Harley Quinn (LS) [T3] {UR}

Io Shirai (AM) [T3] {UR}

Sherri Martel (LS) [T3] {UR}

Montez Ford (AM) [T3] {UR}

Angelo Dawkins (AM) [T3] {UR}

Bianca Bel Air (LS) [T3] {UR}

Lacey Evans (AM) [T3] {UR}

Adam Cole (LS) [T3] {UR}

Johnny Gargano (AM) [T3] {Ascendant Champion}

Scott Dawson (LS) [T3] {UR}

Dash Wilder (LS) [T3] {UR}

Lex Luger (LS) [T3] {UR}

Bobby Lashley (AM) [T1] {20}


PWI Tag Teams

Top 3 Tag Teams Ranked Below (Beside the Team's Name)

Men's Tag Teams

Women's Tag Teams

YMCA [1]

(B-Rad and T. Page)


(Drake Nash and Mr. Clean)

The Guerreros [2]

(Eddie and Chavo)

War Raiders

(Erik and Ivar)

American Alpha

(Chad Gable and Jason Jordan)

Authors of Pain

(Akam and Rezar)

The New TNT

(Test and Triple H)

The Henchmen [3]

(Abyss and Kurgan)

The Elite [Champions]

(The Miz and John Morrison)

Street Profits

(Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins)

The Revival

(Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

Taste of Heaven

(Zevon Heaven, Britt Baker)

Riott Squad [1]

(Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan)

The Undying Legends

(Molly Holly, Ivory)

Fire and Desire

(Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose)

Comic Nightmare [Champions]

(Starfire, Thundra)


(Peyton Royce, Billie Kaye)

The Agency [3]

(Mockingbird, Sharon Carter)

Team Laycool

(Layla, Michelle McCool)

The Allure [2]

(Velvet Sky, Amber Gallows)

PWI Stables

The Allure
(Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Amber Gallows)

Wyatt Family
(Bray Wyatt, FRED, Braun Strowman, The Scarecrow)

Villain Enterprises
(Marty Scurll, Bobby Lashley, Mark Henry)
PWI Events

Weekly (Except for the weeks immediately following PPVs during the Wrestling Season):


Season Length  - Autumn Equinox through the Summer Solstice, Two week breaks after 1st, 2nd, and 3rd PPVs


PWI Legends (Alternating Mondays)


PWI Asylum (Alternating Mondays)


PWI Showcase (1st Monday Show of February)


PWI Ascendants (Saturdays)


Pay Per Views (occuring every 3 months with natural season change):


(1st PPV: Autumn Equinox) Clash of the Destined


(2nd PPV: Winter Solstice) Rising


(3rd PPV: Spring Equinox) The Epic


(4th PPV: Summer Solstice) Motivation

(Ascendants PPV - The Saturday 8 days prior to "Rising") The Spotlight

Preseason Shows: PWI Live!

PWI Calendar: Season 4 (2020-2021)



November 21st (Saturday)
November 26th (Thursday)
November 28th (Saturday)
November 30th (Monday)
December 5th (Saturday)
December 7th (Monday)
December 12th (Saturday)
December 20th (Sunday)
January 4th (Monday)
January 8th (Friday)
January 9th (Saturday)
Super Ascendants
Thanksgiving Brawl 2020
A Night of Violence
The Pearl Harbor Massacre
The Spotlight 2020
Monday Broadcast?
Friday Broadcast?

Upcoming PPV: Rising, December 20th, 2020!

To Be Determined

Next Episode: To Be Determined!

To Be Determined

Next Episode: To Be Determined!

To Be Determined

Next Episode: Super Ascendants on November 21st!

Zelina Vega, Ivelisse v. The IIconics

Tiny v. Abyss

Madison Rayne v. Ruby Riott

Scorpion v. Christopher Daniels

Spotlight Interview: Iron Claw

Number One Contendership for the Ascendant Championship:
Adam Cole v. Andrade v. Kurt Angle

Next Edition: Coming December 12th!

To Be Determined

Next Episode: February 1st, 2021!

To be determined.

Next Special Event: Thanksgiving Brawl 2020

Women's Tag Team Championship:
Comic Nightmare (c) v. Riott Squad

Men's Immunity Championship:
Aleister Black (c) v. Brandon Lee

Number One Contendership
World Championship:
Rhyno v. Scott Nash v. Bray Wyatt

Women's Immunity Championship:
Paige (c) v. Gail Kim

Men's Tag Team Championship:
The Elite (c) v. The Henchmen

Women's Championship:
Asuka (c) v. Alexa Bliss

PWI World Championship:
Attitude (proxy champion for Teo) v. Dragonfly

The Distinguished Alum of Mmouse Enterprises Wrestling

Mickey Marcus Mouse Junior

Leonard Nimoy Mouse

Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Jeff Murrey

Blaster Bladwick

Maxx McMahon


Jake Roberts

Legion of Maniacs

The Guy


Super Beast

Bad News Brown


Mr. Hughes

Jill Woodstrum

Mr. Raw


"Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn

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